Identify Your Position of Value, not Strength

Rock-paper-scissors. Addictive; no game board required. Chance and perception combine to provide direction and resolve conflicts, large and small.

This age-old game proves a truth omni-present in life’s successes: the currency of Value trumps Strength.

Rock may pound paper all day long, but cannot diminish paper’s covering shade. Scissors’ razor-like precision is meaningless where rock’s brute strength is needed. Scissors dispatch paper’s veil of separation where clarity and transparency are critical.

Where are you paper when rocks abound?

Show me a person who articulates where they contribute Value instead of selling Strengths and I’ll show you a winner. This truth is constant whether you are recruiting talent, seeking your next perfect job, in execution mode at work or loving your companion at home.

This truth pervades the day-to-day habits of the world’s most successful people. They contribute out of their Values therefore adding horsepower to their teams. Anyone can flaunt and talk about strengths and what they thinkthey are good at. However, the most successful professionals build a trajectory of growth by investing in future companies the Value deposited in previous roles.

Preparing for a major pitch? Identifying your core competitive advantages? Attempting to resolve a relational conflict? When times get rough and your back is against the wall, what do you rely on? Live/contribute/speak from your Position of Value rather than attempting to operate from a position of power and strength.